Gaivus oras Jūsų virtuvei

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Gartraukiai dažnai yra nepagrįstai ignoruojami ar laikomi nuobodžiais virtuvės prietaisais, apie kuriuos dažniausiai pagalvojama po to, kai jau visa kita būna suplanuota. Tačiau, atsižvelgiant į tai, kad virtuvė vis dažniau tampa bendra erdve su valgomuoju ir socializacijos vieta, gartraukių populiarumas turi tendenciją augti.

EuroCucucina 2014: tarptautinė virtuvių paroda Milane, Italijoje, kur svarbiausias akcentas – inovacijos

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UAB „Alkena“ direktorius Marius Gabrėnas lankėsi balandžio 8-13 dienomis Milane vykusioje tarptautinėje virtuvių parodoje EuroCucina. Įspūdžiai iš šios parodos puikūs, paroda pasižymėjo itin aukštos kokybės įvairiausių stilių virtuvių pavyzdžiais įvairiems skoniams, savo prekių pavyzdžius eksponavo net 128 gamintojai 24800 kv.m. plote.
Pastebėtina tendencija, kad virtuvės tapo pagrindine susitikimų bei socializacijos vieta, ne tik ta vieta, kur gaminamas maistas. Čia susitinka šeima, draugai, džiaugiamasi ir bendraujama. Vis didėjantis susidomėjimas natūraliomis medžiagomis, noras padaryti virtuves šiltomis ir jaukiomis patalpomis, taip pat modernių technologjų juose įdiegimas yra atspirties taškas įvairių rūšių virtuvės dizaino kūrimui. Jau dabar siūlome savo klientams pasaulines naujausias tendencijas atitinkančias idėjas.

How to choose colors for your kitchen

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When choosing the colors for your kitchen you  should enjoy yourself and you don't necessarily have to follow theories of design in order to come up with a beautiful color combination. Color choices are highly subjective, and when it comes to decorating your home, you need to do what really feels right to you. If you're planning a family kitchen, be sure to get everyone's input. Gather a variety of colors, textures and patterns from fabric swatches, paint chips or flooring samples and what combinations you keep returning to. 

It is advisable to start choosing the colors from furniture, tile, floor as these subjects are least flexible for changing. It is much easier to redo the paint as it is relativelly inexpensive and can be matched with virtually any color. The dominant color of the kitchen is truly a personal preference, it might be clean and bright, or soft and subtle. The whole color palette should not consist of too many colors as multiple hues make the whole view too chaotic however the result can be quite interesting:

Lighting should be considered. Color is a reflection of light, so the kind and amount of light in a room will have a significant impact on a color scheme. You should consider whether there will be more light from natural source or from lamps. If the kitchen is in the nothern side of the house, it receives less daylight than other rooms in the home.In this case a warm color palette would be good for softening the shadows.

Incandescent lamps emit a redder and warmer light than sunlight. Fluorescent lamps, on the other hand, generally create a bluer, cooler light. When selecting colors for a room that is used primarily before sunrise or after sunset, choose the colors only under the lighting used in the room. Keep in mind that any color with white in it will reflect the colors that surround it. A white wall, for example, will take on the reflections from carpeting, ceiling color, and even furnishings.

 In this case selecting color doesn't have to mean a long-term relationship with a chosen hue. If you select a neutral background, there are many ways to add color with small touches or even bursts of a selected color scheme. Fabrics and textiles such as rugs, window treatments are the perfect elements for inviting color in and can add pattern and texture as well. Artwork brings in color and personality at the same time. Accessories and personal collections can act as colorful accents in your room. And don't forget the lively hues of flowers and fruit. Grouped in vases or bowls, they create a colorful mass in any space.


Some color choices for the kitchen

Designers seem to agree that earthier colors, neutrals, and yellows tend to be the best kitchen colors. They satisfy many purposes: coordinating with cabinets; reflecting light; providing cheer; and being palatable to subsequent buyers of your house.

Blues, greens, purples, and other colors in similar families do not promote hunger, and in some cases even curb it. Thus, they don't work as well in kitchens. However, if you're fortunate enough to have a dining area completely divorced from the kitchen, then there is less of a pressing need to lay down colors conducive to eating.


Light yellow

Being the lightest hue of the spectrum, the color psychology of yellow is uplifting and illuminating, offering hope, happiness, cheerfulness and fun. Many homeowners and designers agree that light yellow is a winning color. It's friendly enough not to raise any eyebrows, yet distinctive enough that it will complement most types of kitchen cabinet wood species.



With enough white tint, any color can become a neutral; it's just a matter of which type of neutral you want. The best thing is that you can't exactly go wrong with using mid-range neutrals in your kitchen.

Darker-Tinted Yellow

 The same qualities of yellow goes to darker-tinted yellow shades that create the feel of traditional kitchen.